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Our Conventional line of Tubs combines the beauty and durability of cedar with the convenience of modern operating systems and controls. These Tubs are available in both natural Cedar and cold-moulded versions. We offer dedicated electric, gas, and oil-fired heating systems or, in some situations, we can provide a heat exchanger based design that allows the tub to be integrated with the home’s central heating system.  Cartridge style filters and ozone based water purification systems are standard on all conventional Tub models.  Beyond the basic system, each Tub can have as many features as the owner desires, electing to build a simple hot tub or a full feature spa.  Hydrotherapy jets, air injection systems and lighting systems are all available as are numerous control options.  Tubs can be configured as freestanding units or as inserts for decks.  Standard diameters are available in 1ft increments from 4 to 9 ft., standard depths are 3 ft., 3.5 ft., and 4 ft.  Custom sizes and seating arrangements are available on request.

Conventional Tub

Natural Cedar Single Wall Hot Tub Price List

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December 2018 Natural Cedar Single Wall Hot Tub Price List
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Natural Cedar Single Wall Hot Tub Price List


By the way, the tub looks like it was made by the world’s best cabinet maker, just gorgeous.