Maine Cedar Hot Tubs Product Line

Cedar Hot Tubs Handcrafted in Maine

We currently offer four standard tub lines. All of our tubs are available in a variety of sizes and with features to enrich any lifestyle.  Regardless of the size or model, or the features that you select, each Maine Cedar Hot Tub we build is assembled to the same high standards.

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Super R Maine Cedar Hot Tub

Super “R” Tubs

Super “R” tubs represent the top of our line. These double wall tubs have an “R” factor of 25, as built, and their completely enclosed piping and clean lines make them particularly desirable for free-standing installations.

Conventional Electric Handcrafted Maine Cedar Hot Tub

Conventional Tubs & Spas

Our Conventional line of Tubs combines the beauty and durability of cedar with the convenience of modern operating systems and controls. These Tubs are available in both natural Cedar and cold-moulded versions.

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Wood Fired Handcrafted Maine Cedar Hot Tub

Wood-Fired Tubs

Our wood-fired Tubs emulate the features of a Japanese Ofuro.  They were designed primarily for rural settings and have become welcome additions at many remote cabins, lakeside retreats, and country homes.

Excersize Handcrafted Maine Cedar Hot Tub

Exercise Tubs

Exercise Tubs are a recent addition to our lines. They are available in either natural cedar or cold-moulded versions and are offered with all the features of our conventional line.

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