Maine Cedar Hot Tubs, Tub Facts

Cedar Hot Tubs Handcrafted in Maine

HISTORY: In Japan, Scandinavian countries, and other parts of the world, “soaking” has been a healthy, soothing, and
relaxing tradition for centuries. Warmed fresh water or salt water is placed in wooden tubs sized for one or more users. Prior to their replenishing soak, users will thoroughly bathe and clean. At times users will remain in the tub for extended periods. Tub water is changed as needed. No chemical sanitizers are used, although there are popular fragrance additives.

SELECT CEDAR: All Maine Cedar Hot Tubs are made using select top-grade Cedar. Cedar is the wood of choice because of its strength, its ability to absorb and hold water, it’s silky-smooth surface, and its natural resistance to decay. Throughout New England it is not unusual to find Cedar fence posts that are a half-century old.

TUB DESIGN: The tubs are made in a traditional, cooperage, barrel-and-hoop design, which is simple, beautiful, and provides outstanding, long-lasting strength. Components are then machined and fabricated to exact specifications. Each piece is carefully inspected through every step in the manufacturing process to ensure conformance. The 1-3/4″ thick cedar staves have precisely cut mated angles and milled notches on two sides to accept and position the 1-1/2″ floor assembly and the three tension hoops.

NOMINAL WATER CAPACITY AND WEIGHTS: Often times customers desire to install Tubs on decks or on other elevated structures. The following weights will assist in designing structures with adequate load carrying capacities for these situations:




5′ x 3′ 300 gallons 3000 lbs
5′ x 3 ½’ 380 gallons 3500 lbs
5′ x 4′ 440 gallons 4000 lbs
6′ x 3′ 450 gallons 4200 lbs
6′ x 3 ½’ 550 gallons 5000 lbs
6′ x 4′ 640 gallons 5750 lbs
7′ x 3′ 600 gallons 5500 lbs
7′ x 3 ½’ 750 gallons 6700 lbs
7′ x 4′ 840 gallons 7750 lbs

STAINLESS STEEL: All Maine Cedar Hot Tubs are fitted with Stainless Steel tension hoops and Stainless Steel draw bolts. Stainless will not corrode and will not create black rust stains on the cedar staves as will ferrous metals. All fasteners used in the assembly process are also Stainless Steel.

IN-TUB STOVE: The Maine Cedar Hot Tubs underwater wood stove is constructed of marine Aluminum and utilizes a unique, patent-pending design. Several critically positioned internal water-heating tubes create a thermal water flow through the hottest part of the stove. Cool water enters each of the tubes, hot water exits after being warmed by the fire. You can actually see water moving from the upper tube outlets. The stove will heat 310 gallons of water from 40º F. to 100º F. in less than two hours.

ALUMINUM: Aluminum is the metal of choice due to its superior conductivity and corrosion resistance. Tub water is heated by coming in contact with the submerged stove surface and circulating through the internal heat tubes. Heat from the stove is dissipated so rapidly into the water, that the submerged portions of the stove are not hot to the touch. Our stoves are form-fit to the tub with a built-in aluminum divider to maximize space in the seating area.

STOVE OPERATION: The underwater wood stove is easy to operate, and similar to operating an indoor wood stove. Kindling, paper and dry wood are used to start the fire. Additional wood is added vertically as needed. Draft is controlled with the sliding top cover. The ideal “soaking” water temperature is around 103º. As water temperature nears this level, cut back the fire by reducing the air in-flow. You will find it very easy to level off then maintain the desired water temperature once you have used the stove a few times.

ACCESSORIES: Custom Stainless Steel stovepipes are available in 6 inch and 7 inch diameter by 8-ft lengths to accommodate our model 25 and model 35 stoves. Submersible filter packages, de-icing heaters, thermal covers and skid mounted jet systems are also available.