Super “R” Tubs

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Super “R” tubs represent the top of our line. These double wall tubs have an “R” factor of 25, as built, and their completely enclosed piping and clean lines make them particularly desirable for free-standing installations. The floor, inner shell, and caprail of a Super “R” tub are cold moulded. The caprails are fabricated from figured Sugar Maple, while the inner vertical staves can be laminated from any wood (Western Red Cedar or Cherry are most popular). Seating surfaces are polished granite mounted on teak stanchions.The outer shells are generally fabricated using Western Red Cedar with an oil finish and brushed stainless steel bands so the exterior of a Super “R” tub has the understated look of a traditional cedar tub, while on the inside, it is obviously something else.  Between the inner and outer shells is all of the suction and jet piping and 4″ of closed cell foam insulation.  These tubs are quite unusual, very beautiful, and economical to operate.

Super R Installation, Mammoth Lakes, CA

Super R Installation, Mammoth Lakes, CA

Operating systems for all of our tubs are remote and outdoor rated.  They can be mounted at the tub under an equipment enclosure, which can also serve as an access platform, they can be mounted under a deck, or they can be installed in an interior space and plumbed to the tub.  Heat sources can be electric, gas, or with a heat exchanger off a central boiler.  Each operating system is configured to match the owner’s desire for features in the tub.


No one has anything like you do!
I really did a lot of searching on the internet and calling on the phone, and no one has anything like you do.  The blue bottom is very cool.  Nice glass job on the inside and rim.

– —JN in DelMar, CA (Mammoth Lakes CA, installation)

Great Hot Tub!
I got to take the first dip in my Super “R” tub last weekend and it was wonderful. It is a beautiful tub with exceptional materials and outstanding craftsmanship. It will be a pleasure to use.

Thank you.

– — H.P. Soda Springs, California

Hi Steve,
Our Super “R” tub has been delivered and set up.   It is lovely and the workmanship is first rate.  Thanks again for your patience over the phone.  It’s always a little risky to order something sight unseen.  You made it a pleasure and the product is everything that you promised and more.

– — Best, J.M. Beverly, MA